Starrview 9

Starrview 9, Image Processing Software

Starrview 9

StarrView 9 is an image review software with user friendly menus and tools. The software allows fast and efficient image processing and interpretation. With unique features such as “one touch” REVEAL filters, as well as user defined post-processing presets, StarrView 9 has taken digital image review to the next level. Windows 10 compliant, and as always, backwards compatible with all previous versions of StarrView.

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Features & Benefits

Starrview monitor
Faster, more responsive operations (loading images, filters, etc)
Persistant Annotation Options
Built in Readersheet
DICONDE Compliant
Scan parameters are embedded in film (PMT Voltages, Laser Power, Serial Number, etc)
User Defined Filter Stacks (Presets)
Contrast to Noise Tools
Signal to Noise Tools
REVEAL Filter presets for enhanced use

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