VMI Nondestructive (NDT) Solutions

VMI NDT, formerly known as Virtual Media Integration, is one of the largest suppliers of digital radiography equipment for nondestructive testing in North America. With over 25 years of experience in the NDT market, VMI is the premier manufacturer and integrator of computed radiography systems, digital radiography systems, and film digitizer systems.

Our team of highly experienced technicians and radiographers allow us to provide the highest levels of support to our customers in markets including oil and gas, nuclear, military, aerospace, automotive, casting, manufacturing, and many more.


We can fill any digital radiography application with the proper solution and support our customers' need to ensure they meet the highest standards of digital imaging.



VMI Aerospace Solutions

For aerospace nondestructive testing needs such as inspecting aircraft components to prevent flaws.

VMI Manufacturing Solutions

Solutions for sub-manufacturers that primarily manufacture components used in large-scale manufacturing.

VMI Military & Defense Solutions

Digital radiography solutions and systems for Military and Defense applications including computed radiography systems.

VMI Refinery Solutions

Solutions and equipment to detect flaws in, and for predictive maintenance of complex refinery equipment.

VMI Pipeline Solutions

For radiography applications to ensure proper pipeline operations.

VMI Nuclear Power Solutions

Solutions for the inspection of installed components of nuclear power plants.

VMI Nondestructive Testing Service Solutions

Solutions for organizations performing nondestructive testing.