Digital Radiography Training

VMI is pleased to offer various degrees of specialized digital radiography training. Our goal is to provide a complete overview, from early digital X-ray evolution to current computed radiography (CR) and digital radiography (DR) technique development. VMI offers training classes not only covering the basics, but also allowing for hands-on interaction with CR and DR systems. Students may acquire, process, and evaluate images to promote equipment familiarization and competency. VMI’s team of radiographers provide experienced and thorough training for all user levels. These courses are designed to meet ASME, ASNT, and NAS-410 requirements. Questions are encouraged as we cover topics ranging from basic digital terminology and applications to specific software usage.

Classes are offered in a variety of formats and are provided on an as-requested basis. For more information please contact us.


Available Training Options


16 Hour

Hardware and software familiarization training. This training is for all new owners of VMI equipment to introduce the users to VMI’s digital imaging solutions. This course is designed to allow new owners of VMI Solutions confidently implement digital radiographic imaging for NDT.

24 Hour

This more advanced training is a vendor specific training dedicated to familiarization with VMI solutions. This course offers a more in-depth review of how VMI solutions can be used to provide the highest level of digital radiographic imaging for NDT.

40 Hour

This course is to prepare those transitioning from film to digital radiography based on the requirements as defined by ASME Section V and NAS-410. This vendor non-specific course will either cover computed radiography and/or direct digital radiography. At the completion of this course you will have a better understanding of the principles, terminology, software, hardware and practical application of CR or DR imaging.

80 Hour

This train-the-trainer course is for advanced users who plan to implement their own computed radiography or direct digital radiography programs.