Refineries process handle hazardous and corrosive materials that can cause material degradation. VMI offers radiography equipment that can handle the complexity of these systems to detect flaws in refinery equipment.


Available Products 

SmartRT-HP1417 - General Profile, Corrosion/Erosion with Patented MLE Technology

The VMI SmartRT-HP1417, offering digital imaging capabilities with world-class performance, designed with field use in mind. This solution is specifically designed for optimized results and the highest image quality for profile radiography and CUI applications. The HP1417 is deployed in a ruggedized enclosure made from high strength aluminum that can stand up to the toughest environments. Scalable from 200 to 100 micron.
CR 4100, Computed Radiography solution

CR 4100

The CR 4100 features a 50-micron resolution and 16-bit Logarithmic image acquisition (65,536 shades of gray). This is the first industrial computed radiography solution designed specifically for the nondestructive testing service industry. The unique design...
Switchblade, Computed Radiography solution


The Switchblade is the first computed radiography system designed specifically for weld-quality radiography. This system packs our industry leading...
5100MS, Computed Radiography Solution


Our latest in computed radiography solutions, the 5100MS has been completely redesigned with state-of-the art optics, combining 25-micron resolution with 16-bit (65,536 shades of gray) logarithmic image acquisition.