VMI offers imaging solutions for companies that focus on components used in large-scale manufacturing. Some of our customers include manufacturers of aerospace and automotive components that have tight procedures around quality. 


Available Products 

SmartRT-PWS+ Weld Inspection Pipeline and Process Piping

The VMI SmartRT-PWS+, one of our SmartRT product solutions, brings together the benefits of automation yet maintains the familiarity of traditional gamma Radiography. The SmartRT-PWS+ is a specifically designed radiography inspection system to inspect pipe welds and weld root corrosion in a manner that produces high quality radiographs and improved production speeds. This truly unique pipe weld inspection system merges industry proven hardware with an thoughtful acquisition interface. By using embedded scan plans, this system is both easy to use and highly effective.
CR 4100, Computed Radiography solution

CR 4100

The CR 4100 features a 50-micron resolution and 16-bit Logarithmic image acquisition (65,536 shades of gray). This is the first industrial computed radiography solution designed specifically for the nondestructive testing service industry. The unique design...
Switchblade, Computed Radiography solution


The Switchblade is the first computed radiography system designed specifically for weld-quality radiography. This system packs our industry leading...
5100MS, Computed Radiography Solution


Our latest in computed radiography solutions, the 5100MS has been completely redesigned with state-of-the art optics, combining 25-micron resolution with 16-bit (65,536 shades of gray) logarithmic image acquisition.