SmartRT-PWS+ Weld Inspection Pipeline and Process Piping


Welcome to a new era in Radiographic Examination. The VMI SmartRT-PWS+, one of our SmartRT product solutions, brings together the benefits of automation yet maintains the familiarity of traditional gamma Radiography. This truly unique pipe weld inspection system merges industry proven hardware with an acquisition interface utilizing embedded scan plans. As always, image analysis is performed in a user-friendly Review platform.

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Specifications for SmartRT-PWS+ Weld Inspection Pipeline and Process Piping


Features & Benefits

Scan pipes from 3” to 30” diameter with
minimal setup time

Significantly reduced total inspection time per weld

Minimized or eliminated re-shots

Fine grain/slow speed film equivalent image quality

Improved safety and production with one crank out - one crank in

Auto generation of scan plans for various pipe configurations

Both Stitched and Tiled image outputs generated for review in Starrview

Data infrastructure can be easily integrated to IDMS, construction and other management systems

System can be easily adapted to perform manual small diameter DWE/DWV applications

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