Direct Digital Radiography

VMI offers numerous solutions for digital detector array (DDA) applications. From large format flat panel detectors to small form factor DDA’s, VMI has a digital detector solution for any need. This wide array of products is available for radiation source  applications ranging from gamma ray isotopes  and conventional x-ray machines up to 15 Mev linear accelerators. Solutions are available for manufacturing, in-service, castings, piping corrosion/erosion and weld quality application.


SmartRT-PWS+ Weld Inspection Pipeline and Process Piping

The VMI SmartRT-PWS+, one of our SmartRT product solutions, brings together the benefits of automation yet maintains the familiarity of traditional gamma Radiography. The SmartRT-PWS+ is a specifically designed radiography inspection system to inspect pipe welds and weld root corrosion in a manner that produces high quality radiographs and improved production speeds. This truly unique pipe weld inspection system merges industry proven hardware with an thoughtful acquisition interface. By using embedded scan plans, this system is both easy to use and highly effective.

SmartRT-HP1417 - General Profile, Corrosion/Erosion with Patented MLE Technology

The VMI SmartRT-HP1417, offering digital imaging capabilities with world-class performance, designed with field use in mind. This solution is specifically designed for optimized results and the highest image quality for profile radiography and CUI applications. The HP1417 is deployed in a ruggedized enclosure made from high strength aluminum that can stand up to the toughest environments. Scalable from 200 to 100 micron.