Profile: Kimberley Hayes


VMI is pleased to introduce Kimberley Hayes who joined the team in late 2019.  Kimberley is a high-performing, strategic professional with over 20 years' experience in customer-focused technical solutions and new market development in Nondestructive Testing (NDT).

Kimberley’s role as Director of Global Business Development for VMI makes her responsible for cultivating strategic and tactical initiatives supporting oil & gas market research and new product development.


One of her favorite expressions is ‘if you change the way you look at things , the things you look at change’ (Wayne Dyer) and she plans to apply this mantra to her work at VMI where she will introduce and promote the new SmartRT platform.  “We want to let our customers know that wherever they are on their journey, using film or Computed Radiography (CR), VMI can meet them and guide them towards digital transformation” commented Kimberley.

Kimberley’s aim is to change the way her customers perceive and use digital tools in their workflow and to guide them through their journey to full adoption of technology .  Her focus is on meeting real-world customer needs while pressing innovation in current and future requirements through the NDE 4.0, digital transformation and UAS/robotics initiatives in the inspection arena. She possesses more than 20 years of nondestructive testing experience in Magnetic Particle Testing, Penetrant Testing, Ultrasonic Testing; Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing; Eddy Current Testing and now embarking on Radiographic Testing (RT). She has a commitment to obtain firsthand insights from onshore rigs in the US, turnarounds in Canada, and various plants and refineries around the world

Prior to joining VMI in September 2019, she was a Business Development Manager at Olympus Scientific Solutions Americas since 2015 and ITW Magnaflux since 1997.  Her primary emphasis provided an opportunity to network and leverage talent across welding and test & measurements experts from Miller Electric, Hobart, Wach’s, Instron, and Buehler while serving on the ITW Welding Innovation team. At ITW Oil & Gas, she was instrumental in presenting comprehensive welding and NDE related process efficiencies, timeline compressions and cost reduction project-based related welding and NDE portfolio offerings throughout the value chain discussions with owner/operators, EPCs, fabricators and inspection companies.  Over the years, Kimberley has served every aspect of NDE value stream from customer insight to customer satisfaction through hard core innovative practices as well as softer skills.


She participates in many professional committees such as ASME, Section V where she served as Vice Chairman on FMC/TFM and voting member on ECA in lieu of MT/PT, Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) for inspection Mobile Unmanned Aerial Systems (MUS) for Inspection and kicking of the Task Group in Auto Discontinuity Recognition (ADR/AI) and Special Working Group Surface .  Kimberley has been active in ASNT NDE 4.0 committee efforts as Vice Chairman and supporting subgroups. API, and other industrial societies. Over the past five years, Kimberley has also participated globally on the SPRINT Robotics committee, working to develop collaborative innovation of robotics in the inspection realm.

She has published and presented in military, aerospace and petroleum industry outlets.  “Detecting and Quantifying Cracks Using Eddy Current Array” Inspectioneering Journal Sept/Oct 2016 and will publish a paper looking at NDE 4.0 in relation to innovation for RT in small diameter weld quality later this year.

Kimberley is passionate about the transformation to digital in nondestructive testing and has been brought on board to drive this change.  As we have seen, during the Covid19 crisis, the shift to digital is even more important now.  Where five months ago using digital tools was a ‘competitive advantage’, a desirable extra, now using digital tools is about survival.  The focus now should be on the cost of not making this change.