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VMI open VMI Solutions & Services Center (VSSC)  in Houston, Texas

Houston, Texas-April 23, 2021-VMI (a Varex Company), a leading provider of digital imaging solutions for the nondestructive testing industry (NDT), recently launched the VMI Solutions & Services Center (VSSC)  located in Houston, Texas.   Despite COVID challenges, the VSSC is positioning itself to meet growing demand for infrastructure & industrial solutions with the 5400+ sq ft facility and investment in the NDT community.    Key features of the VSSC will include innovative X-ray applications and technology development, as well as provide industry leading service and client care.  

VMI’s recent acquisition by Varex Imaging has allowed us to focus on the development of innovative imaging solutions while expanding our support capabilities for our existing product lines. The VSSC Facility significantly increases VMI’s capabilities as more industrial enterprises utilize and grow NDT solutions to assess and monitor asset health.  In addition to manufacturing space, the Houston office has a dedicated:

  • Innovation Imaging Lab
  • Client Meeting and User Experience (UX) Lab
  • Logistical Facilities
  • Training and Virtual Enabled Classroom

The facility will supplement VMI’s original offices and footprint in Pensacola while the company and corporate parent continue to execute their growth strategy.  VMI’s long history of making customer support a key pillar and focus remains one of our core priorities.  This new facility will increase our ability to provide direct material support to our existing as well as new clients in the region.

Over the past year during Covid-19 related shutdowns, VMI has invested in new technologies and continues to add team members.  This crisis has allowed VMI, with industry collaboration, to significantly accelerate innovation on a range of new products utilizing the latest in X-ray imaging technologies. 

“We are grateful and eager to work with, as well as serve, the NDT industry with the capabilities the VMI Solutions and Services Center will provide.   The VSSC, Pensacola office, and value our parent company’s technology capabilities affords us make this a wonderful opportunity “- Clyde May, President and Chief Operating Officer.